The irresistible flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean. The eternal play of sweet, sour and savoury combined with a drop of local žlahtina white wine from Vinodol. This is how we would describe in a nutshell a culinary journey through the Crikvenica Riviera. The simplicity of the local cuisine will leave a smile on the face of even the most demanding gourmets among you. Fish and meat specialities prepared in a variety of ways, and dishes for lovers of vegetarian cuisine, fast food and desserts are just part of the food that’s on offer. There’s also our special traditional cuisine. You can try it in the restaurants or at one of the numerous culinary events, or you can even make it yourself with the help of the book of recipes entitled ‘Our Grandma's Cookbook’. We strongly recommend that you try at least one of the tasty fish dishes on the ‘Oily Fish Route’, such as Crkveniške rupice fish balls.