The Oily Fish Route

A tour of the Oily Fish Route

The Riviera Crikvenica has a rather unusual route that is not named after a celebrity or event, but after oily fish instead. It is a culinary offer based on local tradition and is available throughout the year. Oily fish has beneficial effect on our health and the people of Crikvenica have always been aware of this. In the past, fishing was the most important activity and many fishermen from this area were in high demand because of their skills, even in distant overseas countries. At that time, oily fish was an indispensable part of almost every meal.
On our special flyer, you’ll find restaurants and hotels marked with the Oily Fish Route label. They offer delicious oily fish specialties on a regular basis.


A special event related to Oily Fish Route that reminds of the tradition of fishing is Oily Fish Month that takes place in September, when local restaurants present their specialities. In addition to tasting healthy fish dishes, this event also includes other interesting activities, such as workshops dedicated to preparing traditional oily fish dishes, where you too can learn how to prepare delicious and healthy meals at home. The event is accompanied by an entertainment programme with music and dancing in the fresh sea air and in the good company of your hosts.
In 2014, ‘Oily Fish Route – Oily Fish Month’ won the Simply the Best award in the themed culinary events category.



Don’t miss out on Crkveniške rupice! This dish is also known as balice, kolubice and gunjci around these parts.
If you ask for the recipe, everyone will be more than happy to share with you how the mothers and wives of fishermen used to make this delicious dish in the past.

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