26. Aug. 2023. to 02. Sep. 2023.
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A magical link between a rich tradition and busy everyday life

A hard life, not enough arable land, and dependence on the sea, are just some of the adversities from the past that people living in this area had to deal with. However, they turned it to their advantage and became the best fishermen in the Northern Adriatic. In the 1950s, 30% of the total catch in the Adriatic Sea was caught by fishermen from this area. This opened many doors and opportunities for progress.
Word about this paradise on the Adriatic spread across Europe and aristocrats started exploring the area, enjoying its mild climate, clean sea, beautiful nature, and excellent cuisine. It was a new beginning for the Crikvenica Riviera: the beginning of tourism. The merit for this goes to all those fishermen that fought with the sea, tides, waves and lack of fish. It is thanks to their skills, resourcefulness and ingenuity that people realised that there is a part of the Adriatic coast that leaves every visitor breathless. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

Remembering the days of fishing

Saying 'thank you' wasn't enough for the people of Crikvenica, who decided to make several sculptures that honour both fishing and fishermen. The bronze statue of a fisherman ('Ribar') in the harbour of Crikvenica, the work of the sculptor Zvonko Car, and the modern sculpture of a fish in the centre of Crikvenica, the work of the architect and painter Zdravko Gržičić, symbolise the town's centuries-long tradition of fishing and commitment to the sea. However, this art is not the only reminder of this tradition: local people and their customs, music, and the magical aromas of fish specialties also remind us of it.

We therefore welcome you to the annual Fisherman's Week, which dates back to 1966.

This event takes place at the end of August. Visitors have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the tradition of the Crikvenica region, visit excellent exhibitions of paintings by artists who were inspired by the sea, take part in various art and sports workshops, or participate in different competitions. The distinguishing feature of Fisherman's Week is the traditional 'Fishing with Guests', which has taken place for more than 50 years, giving visitors the opportunity to have a great time and get advice from skilled fishermen. Of course, Fisherman's Week also includes performances by local cultural, folklore and music groups, as well as the sampling of delicious seafood specialities.
Let us embark together on a journey where the sea will tell you its story and invite you to enjoy the local traditions and customs that are still fostered here today.





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