26. Aug. 2023. to 02. Sep. 2023.
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‘Fishermen’s Week’ – a fascinating blend of time-honoured tradition and modern everyday life

The importance of fishing to the Crikvenica area is demonstrated by the fact that during the 1950s local fishermen netted as much as 30% of the entire Adriatic catch. Today, this tradition lives on: not only in memories and records, but in the celebration of events such as the ‘Fishermen’s Week’, which has been taking place in Crikvenica for the last 57 years. Since 1966, this event combining love for the sea, tradition and modernity, has been underlining the importance of preserving cultural and historical heritage. In the beginning, it was called ‘Crikvenica Fishermen’s Nights’, and its main goal was to provide as much entertainment as possible to guests in the late season. Over the years, it has been enriched with various programmes that share one feature in common: they are all connected with the sea. Many generations of visitors have planned their stay here to coincide with this event.

This year, the 57th ‘Fishermen’s Week’ will take place from 26 August to 2 September.

Love for the sea, fishing and the tradition of the area is woven into the many sports, music, entertainment, cultural and other programmes that take place during this event. As in previous years, the week will be full of programmes in which you don’t have to be just a passive observer, but can participate actively. Gourmets will love the special culinary offer based on tradition, wine lovers can look forward to wine workshops, while children will enjoy the educational workshops and other activities designed for them. Tradition will be presented in a creative way to remind the older generations of bygone times, and to demonstrate its importance and value to the younger ones. Fishing boat rides, a Čakavian dialect festival, a keelboat sailing regatta, a wooden boat regatta, and exhibitions in the museum and gallery are only part of this event dedicated to this tradition and what it means to local people.
As always, the programme will be accompanied by good music performed by Luka Nižetić, Zorica Kondža, the band Baruffa, the Klapa Tramuntana vocal group, and many others.

Throughout the week, don’t forget to immortalise your best moments at one of the photo points, and to participate in the ‘Find the Mermaid’ prize competition! Let’s embark together on a journey where the sea will tell you its story and invite you to enjoy delightful customs that still live on today.







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