Tourism Day in Selce

04. Aug. 2023.
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Selce, a small coastal town that enchants with its facilities and natural beauty, acquired its first public swimming pool on 4 August 1894. Besides being an important part of tradition, that day is considered the dawn of tourism in Selce. This valuable tradition has been celebrated for more than half a century with an event that in the past was known as Venetian Night, and today is called Day(s) of Tourism. In the evening, boats illuminated by lanterns and decorated with ash branches sail along the coast, led by a large sailing ship. Visitors can enjoy live music and fireworks from the sea at midnight. We invite you to enjoy this varied programme that combines culture, entertainment, music, wine and food in honour of Selce and its tourists! Let Selce offer you the sea and its riches on a plate, its vineyards in a glass, and you will leave with its warmth and love in your heart.

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