Ethno Selce

Zbog epidemiološke situacije i ograničavanju društvenih okupljanja za vrijeme trajanja proglašene epidemije bolesti COVID-19 ovo događanje se otkazuje do daljnjega.

13. Jul. 2013. to 14. Jul. 2013.
Event location: 

Ethno Selce represents Selce in a traditional setting which may be seen from the name of the event. With rich presentation of cultural heritage, entertainment for visitors and preservation of tradition, Ethno Selce brings an abundance of positive energy and warmth to the streets of this coastal town. The combination of irresistible charming ambience, hospitality and autochthonic products and original customs is a guarantee for your contentment and satisfaction. The fair of traditional and ecological products, old trades, traditional dishes, a presentation of village and coastal songs and dances, national costumes and old national customs, such as straw milling or washing of laundry in a traditional way, shall present an authentic Selce and introduce visitors to a special world. 


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