In the covered passage that leads to the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Crikvenica, there is a permanent exhibition dedicated to Juraj Julije Klović. The exhibition presents part of the impressive work of one of the greatest painters of the Renaissance and the most famous miniaturist in the world, who was born in the village of Grižane and went to school in the Pauline monastery in Crikvenica.


In the quiet village of Grižane in Vinodol, you can find the Klović house, which is located in the renovated building of the old elementary school. It is dedicated to Juraj Julije Klović (Giulio Clovio), the greatest and most famous miniaturist, who was born right here back in 1498. He spent most of his life abroad, working for popes and cardinals, kings and dukes, and died in Rome in 1578. He worked with some of the greatest artists of the age, including Michelangelo, Vasari and El Greco. The permanent exhibition of the Klović house contains reproductions of Klović’s works (the original miniatures are kept in museums, galleries and archives all over the world), including some which would otherwise be impossible to see, as they need to be kept under protection. According to tradition, Klović was such an accomplished miniaturist that he could paint the Last Supper on a thumbnail. He received his first instruction in painting at Crikvenica’s Pauline monastery

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Grižane 45, Grižane
+385 51 248 730, +385 91 248 7301

Opening hours:
WINTER (15.9. - 15.6.)
With announcement on number: +385 91 248 7301

SUMMER (15.6. - 15.9.)
With announcement on number: +385 91 248 7301

Admission price:
10,00 kn CHILDREN
30,00 kn ADULTS


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