Today's event "Primorske noći" traditional evening is canceled!

Zbog epidemiološke situacije i ograničavanju društvenih okupljanja za vrijeme trajanja proglašene epidemije bolesti COVID-19 ovo događanje se otkazuje do daljnjega.

23. Jun. 2015. to 02. Sep. 2015.
Event location: 

We are sorry to announce that today's event "Primorske noći" traditional evening is canceled because of bad weather! We invitre You to visit other dates of this manifestation!


During these events, a walk in the centre of the town will be even more interesting. Visitors will have the opportunity to sample and buy local and natural produce, such as homemade cheese, honey, jam, brandy and liqueurs. Some of the stands will be offering original souvenirs and handicrafts, ideal as a gift or a memento from your holiday. All this will be accompanied by the sound of the traditional songs of the littoral area and some culinary surprises. 

 Schedule of events:

23rd June - 19:00 - Crikvenica, centar
24th June - 19:00 - Selce, centar
30th June- 19:00 - Selce, centar
1st July - 19:00 - Crikvenica, centar
9th July - 19:00 - Crikvenica, centar
10th and 11th July - Selce, centar
14th July - 19:00 - Selce, centar
16th July - 19:00 - Crikvenica, centar
20th July - 19:00 - Selce, centar
21st July - 19:00 - Crikvenica, centar
27 July - 19:00 - Selce, centar
28 July - 19:00 - Crikvenica, centar
6th August - 19:00 - Crikvenica, centar
10th August - 19:00 - Selce, centar
11th August - 19:00 - Crikvenica, centar
18th August - 19:00 - Selce, centar
19th August - 19:00 - Crikvenica, centar
25th August- 19:00 - Crikvenica, centar
26th August - 19:00 - Selce, centar
1st September - 19:00 - Selce, centar
2nd September - 19:00 - Crikvenica, centar

Enjoy this summer in a pleasant atmosphere by the sea visiting Traditional evenings in Crikvenica and Selce! Have fun, reward yourself with an original souvenir and taste delicious local products.

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