A natural outlet to the sea from the Vinodol Valley

Today, Dramalj is a tourist town with numerous private villas, newly-built properties and privately-owned apartments, holiday homes and hotels. Dramalj has been blessed by nature, and its mild Mediterranean climate, lush vegetation, crystal clear sea and abundant hours of sunshine throughout the year provide additional benefits for every guest who chooses the town as their destination.

Dramalj has a long history.

Around the 6th or 7th century it was known as Dram, which is an Ancient Greek unit of mass. After the Croats came to the area, they altered its name by adding the suffix ‘-alj’.  Its age is also confirmed by the most widespread local family name, Domijan (lat. Domian), which dates back to Roman times. As Dramalj is a natural outlet to the sea from Vinodol, it is assumed that the settlement was created to provide shelter and overnight accommodation for merchants and seafarers.
The village of Kačjak is also part of Dramalj (its name is derived from kača, a local word for snake that is a common symbol on the Crikvenica Riviera). Kačjak is actually a peninsula with a tourist village. The coastal promenade that connects Dramalj with Crikvenica leads there.
The area’s beneficial climate and geographic location were the main reasons why numerous tourists, hikers and hunters started visiting the Croatian Littoral at the end of the 19th century. This is also when the intensive development of Dramalj began.



In Dramalj, you can find wonderful beaches. Several offer additional entertainment facilities, and some regularly host cultural and entertainment events like the ‘Melodies with a Taste of the Sea’ festival (Melodije s okusom mora). In addition, every 22 May, St. Helen’s Day is celebrated with a Holy Mass to mark the feast day of the patron saint of the parish of Dramalj.
Small but interesting, Dramalj will delight you with its beautiful natural surroundings, cultural and historical amenities, and its excellent opportunities for recreational activities and much needed relaxation.


Info centre Dramalj
Gajevo šetalište 48, 51265 Dramalj
+385 51 786 363

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