Slavonia Days in Crikvenica

Zbog epidemiološke situacije i ograničavanju društvenih okupljanja za vrijeme trajanja proglašene epidemije bolesti COVID-19 ovo događanje se otkazuje do daljnjega.

04. Jul. 2018. to 07. Jul. 2018.
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Feel a touch of Slavonia on the Adriatic! In the centre of Crikvenica, there will be a fair of Slavonian souvenirs, products and delicacies, such as homemade cheese, honey, cakes, cured meats and wines. Visitors will also have the chance to taste typical Slavonian dishes and become acquainted with traditional handicrafts such as šlinga and zlatovez (gold embroidery). Traditional Slavonian tamburica music and richly decorated folk costumes will round off the day dedicated to Slavonia in Crikvenica.

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