Our Grandmas` Cookbook


Our Grandmas' Cookbook is our little culinary time machine. Click on this special cookbook with its recipes that our grandmothers used to use, and you'll be amazed to find out that you've never tasted anything like it. We are not exaggerating, because these recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. When preparing meals, our chefs still use the same ingredients that modest fishing families used in the past, but they also add a creative touch to make them even more attractive to modern guests.

Our Grandmas' Cookbook shows in words and pictures how important it is to preserve our tangible and intangible heritage, as it contains valuable knowledge.

The cookbook provides various recipes for simple yet healthy dishes, conjures up a homely atmosphere, and provides everyone with the opportunity to make dishes from the littoral region and to enjoy their unforgettable aromas and tastes.

Enjoy your meal!

Our Grandmas' Cookbook


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