Crikvenica Town Museum exhibits items that document life in this area from prehistoric times up to the end of the 20th century.

The museum houses several interesting collections, such as:
  • collection of items for everyday use
  • collection of photographs
  • collection of postcards
  • collection of documentary material
  • palaeontological collection
  • collection of archaeological material

Crikvenica Town Museum was founded by the town government in 2008 for the purpose of collecting, recording, documenting, studying and presenting the cultural heritage of Crikvenica, Dramalj, Jadranovo and Selce.
The museum is located in Preradovićeva Street right in the centre of Crikvenica.


Crikvenica Town Museum – an active participant in the community

A visit to this museum is always a special experience and you can rest assured that you will leave this place satisfied and filled with new knowledge and insights. Since education is one of the main obligations of modern museology, it offers different workshops for children and adults, where participants can develop their imagination and creativity and learn in a fun way.

Crikvenica Town Museum
Petra Preradovića 1, Crikvenica
+385 51 781 000

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