Awaken your senses during your holiday

Experience the beauty of unspoilt nature combined with a wonderful coast, clean sea and Mediterranean air with the scent of salt and pine trees. Discover the romantic corners of secluded natural beaches and coves, explore the forest trails and coastal promenade, and enjoy the enthusiasm of the hospitable locals.

Tradition intertwined with sailors’ stories

The remains of amphorae, a love of boats and the fishing nets tell us about the development of fishing in this area. If you explore a bit deeper, the unusual shapes of the stone houses will tell you about the special building techniques in the area. Get to know this tradition, which the locals are happy to share, enjoy the customs and events, and delight your palate with traditional culinary specialities. This is an experience that will stay with you forever.

Awaken your senses during your holiday

You can experience Jadranovo with all your senses by enjoying the view of the wonderful beaches and beautiful landscapes, the scent of the clean air, pine trees and Mediterranean herbs, the dishes prepared according to traditional recipes, the song of the crickets or by watching the restless waves of the sea.
Be sure to take in this welcoming atmosphere, as once you visit Jadranovo, you will want to return.


Info centre Jadranovo
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