Fishermen's House was created to pay tribute to the fishermen of Jadranovo and the surrounding areas who lived here in the past. The number of both fish and fishermen has diminished over the years. What remains are stories, memories and objects, thanks to which we can at least partly understand our ancestors’ way of life and show visitors a rich heritage connected to the sea, boats and fishing.

Fishermen’s House is located in Perčin Cove, where the locals of Jadranovo have been fishing for tuna and casting their nets for centuries. Fishermen’s House was built for the purpose of tuna fishing in 1878, and the construction was financed by Stanko Mažić, the tenant of tunera tuna observation post. The entire cove is one of forty historical locations where this unique tuna fishing method was practised on the Croatian littoral and in Kvarner Bay, which, in addition to fishing for small oily fish, marked the development of fishing in this part of the Adriatic.


Perčin cove, Jadranovo

Crikvenica town museum
Petra Preradovića 1, Crikvenica
+385 51 781 000

Opening hours:July, August
Every day: 18-21 h

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