International Junior Chess Festival

22. Aug. 2017. to 27. Aug. 2017.
Event location: 

International Junior Chess Festival sponsored by the City of Crikvenica, under Garry Kasparov Adriatic Fund organization, will take place in Crikvenica, from 22.08.2017. to 27.08.2017.

The goal of this event is promotion of chess as a game that people play from ancient times to the present.

Special guest of the event is Garry Kasparov.



ICS International chess camp 22.-25.8. - Hotel Katarina

Blitz tournament for young participants - 25.8. - Hotel Katarina

Rapid tournament for young participants - 26.8. - Hotel Katarina

Simultaneous chess exhibition with Garry Kasparov - 26.8. in 6pm - Preradović Street

URS Blitz tournament - 27.8. - Hotel Kaštel






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