The world beneath the surface of the sea

Experience the mysterious depths of the sea and embark on a fantastic sea journey. If you’d like to discover what is hidden below the surface of the sea, visit the Crikvenica Aquarium. It's is located right in the town centre.

The Aquarium has 30 pools, which are built to resemble the natural habitats of sea creatures, some of which you'll have the opportunity to meet.

The facility covers a total area of 200 m2 and offers:

  • more than 100 species of fish from the Adriatic Sea (moray eels, cat sharks, dogfish, seahorses, red scorpion fish, dusky groupers, etc.)
  • around 50 fish species from tropical seas (angelfish, clownfish, blowfish, zebrafish, etc.)
  • freshwater fish species, the most interesting being piranhas and neon fish

The Aquarium is the result of many years of work by a group of biologists, ichthyologists, aquarists and fishermen from this area, who contributed with their knowledge and love for the sea world to create a place that offers visitors a fantastic experience.


Vinodolska 8, Crikvenica
+385 51 241 006

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