Fly over some of the most beautiful Croatian landscapes. The valley of Vinodol in the Crikvenica hinterland is one of the most stunning sites for flying in Croatia with a view of the sea and the Kvarner bay. In the 30-40 minutes long flight you will enjoy the Crikvenica, Tribalj, Drivenik panorama as well as the lake of Tribalj.
Treat yourself, your loved ones, friends or family with this unique gift - a tandem flight.  
A flight with our center’s expert licensed pilot is the easiest and safest way to experience a unique feeling of flight regardless of your age, gender or weight.

For adventurers that decide to embrace the skies in a tandem flight, we recommend:  

•Light trekking shoes
•Comfortable sports clothes
•Sunglasses and sunscreen.

Experience the bird’s-eye view magic and let yourself enjoy this one of a kind sensation!


Paragliding Kvarner
Šmrika, Umejčina 11
Licensed tandem pilot: Damir Biondić
Cell phone: + 385 95 854 9995
Web page:


PJK Flumen
Milice Jadranić 38b, 51000 Rijeka
President: Marko Hrgetić
Secretary: Vedran Mihaljević
contact: +385 95 814 3976, +385 98 260 431

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