What's cooking on the Riviera Crikvenica?

19. Oct. 2014. to 21. Oct. 2014.
Event location: 

A tasty weekend is aproaching. What's cooking on the Riviera Crikvenica? Squid, from Friday the 19th to Sunday the 21st of September  2014!
The gastronomic event called 2nd"Squid Days" will delight all gourmets and visitors looking for tasty and healthy seafood.
The entertainment program will be held in the center of Crikvenica, where the happy crew of cooks will cook a squid stew, and the kids will be able to enjoy performances and art workshops. Chosen restaurants in Crikvenica, Dramalj, Jadranovo and Selce will prepare squid in many imaginative ways. Without a doubt, we have the relaxing and happy weekend with fun and tasty dishes in a pleasant environment, the fresh sea air and the company of skillful culinary teams.
In case of bad weather the program is canceled.
Friday 19.09.2014.
16:30 Preparing of a calamari stew in kettles
17:00 Music programme with the "Arija" band

Saturday  20.09.2014.
16:30 Children´s art  workshop
Performance by the „Slatkići“ group from the Kindergarten „Radost“
Performance by the elementary school "Zvonko Car"- choir and dance group
17:00 Theater performance for children "Šareni svijet"
18:00 Musik program with the "Trio Crikvenica" band

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