Polyclinic for baromedicine Oxy

Oxy is a private medical institute specialising in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). It was established in 1996 in Pula, continuing a long tradition in the application of this method in Croatia. HBOT is a scientifically based therapy which consists of inhaling 100% medicinal oxygen under high pressure for diseases and conditions when patients lack oxygen in the tissue. Since 2008, HBOT costs have been covered by health insurance, and in the Oxy Polyclinic the therapy can be carried out with an appropriate referral.


The Polyclinic includes:
1. a central unit in Pula as part of Pula General Hospital
2. a Zagreb subsidiary as part of Dubrava Clinical Hospital Centre
3. a Dubrovnik subsidiary as part of Dubrovnik General Hospital
4. a Crikvenica subsidiary as part of the Thalassotherapia Crikvenica Special Hospital.

The Polyclinic has four modern two-department hyperbaric chambers (Pula, Zagreb, Crikvenica) with a capacity of 12 and 14 seats, and up to 2 beds, and a single-department hyperbaric chamber in Dubrovnik. It is expected that Dubrovnik will also soon have a large modern hyperbaric chamber with 12 seats. The chambers are pressurised with air, and the therapy is administered through comfortable breathing masks. Therapy protocols depend on the individual type of disease or injury and can be adapted to the individual needs of each patient. One treatment normally takes 60 to 90 minutes, usually once a day, or more frequently if required by the patient's condition.
Every day, teams of experts carry out examinations, therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, and counselling, with a particular emphasis on continuous collaboration with specialists from various Croatian hospitals.
In 2012, the Oxy Polyclinic became a teaching centre of the University of Rijeka School of Medicine, a place where future physicians learn how to apply HBOT. Particular attention is given to the continuous professional development of staff.
Thanks to the high level of professionalism, dedicated responsibility and high quality of service, the Oxy Polyclinic has become an important part of the Croatian healthcare system and since 2008 has been a contracting institution of the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance.
Oxy Polyclinic staff are at your disposal for any inquires and will gladly answer any questions and give advice about necessary measures for maintaining health.
More information about the polyclinic, its location and treatment methods, appointments and indications for HBOT treatment is available from the website www.oxy.hr.

Polyclinic for baromedicine OXY - Subsidiary Crikvenica
Gajevo šetalište 21, 51260 Crikvenica,
Tel/fax: +385 (0)51 785 229
E-mail: poliklinika.ck@oxy.hr


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