Terme Selce

The Terme Selce Health and Sports Centre is located on the Crikvenica Riviera and continues the area's long tradition of health tourism.
Following the rhythm and needs of modern man, Terme Selce gives a new, modern dimension to the health and tourism offer of the Crikvenica Riviera.
The centre has developed successful programmes for prevention, diagnostics and rehabilitation for all age groups, and protocols for injury rehabilitation, which provide fast and reliable recovery and a return to everyday life, and guarantee athletes a successful return to full activity. Terme Selce has been chosen by many top athletes such as Ivica and Janica Kostelić, Kalle Palander, Croatian national team members, and many others.

During the two decades of its existence, Terme Selce has developed four main fields of activity:
Polyclinic for diagnostic activities;
Centre for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation;
Centre for Sports and Medicine;
Medical wellness centre.

Constant professional development, teamwork, an individual approach to patients, and the application of high technology in order to achieve the optimal recovery of patients in the shortest time possible are the guiding principles of the work of Terme Selce.

Terme Selce offers a wide range of facial and body treatments, as well as anti-aging, weight loss, non-surgical face and body lifting, non-surgical liposuction, detox, relax and many other programmes.

Centre for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Terme Selce offers inpatient and outpatient physical therapy programmes and treatments:
• Physical therapy for painful joint and spine conditions
• Physical therapy and rehabilitation for sports injuries
• Preoperative physical therapy and rehabilitation
• Post-operative rehabilitation (physical therapy after surgery)
• Physical therapy and rehabilitation for rheumatism and arthrosis
• Physical therapy for peripheral neurological diseases
• Programme for cardiovascular diseases
• Weight loss programme

Polyclinic for diagnostic activities

Specialist examinations:
• Physiatrist
• Rheumatologist
• Orthopaedist for children and adults
• Neurologist for children and adults
• Internist
• Cardiologist
• Gastroenterologist
• Dermatovenerologist
• Surgeon
• Urologist
• Vascular surgeon
• Phlebologist
• Specialist in nuclear medicine
• Psychologist

Electrocardiogram (ECG) • Spirometry
24-hour heart and pressure Holter monitor
Bicycle - ergometry
Heart ultrasonography with colour Doppler
Ultrasound diagnostics of head blood vessel TCD
Ultrasound of thyroid gland, neck, axilla and groin
Ultrasound of the locomotor system (CT probe, 3D)
Abdomen and pelvis ultrasound
Colour Doppler of blood vessels in the neck (CT probe)
Colour Doppler of the periphery (arms and legs)

Skin tumour diagnostics (biopsy for pathohistological examination)
Dermoscopy of moles
Allergy testing
Infectious skin disease diagnostics

Knee stability test - kneelax
Proprioception and co-ordination testing
Muscle strength and endurance test
Isokinetic testing of spine and musculature

Laboratory analysis • Prothrombin time
Digital densitometry LEXXOS-DMS
Electromioneurography (EMNG)
Body composition analysis
Computer diet analysis
Vitamin-mineral test

Centre for Sports and Medicine

• Medical check-up of athletes
• Sports injury prevention
• Physical therapy for painful conditions and sports injuries
• Preoperative physical therapy and rehabilitation
• Post-operative physical therapy and rehabilitation
• Isokinetic testing

Special programmes
• Testing of athletes
• Pre-training and training for athletes (individuals and groups)
• ASP* advanced sports programme (for professional athletes)
• Sports psychology programme
• Sports programme for children

Medical wellness

Expected benefits and usefulness of the medical wellness programme:
• improvement of the locomotor system, mobility and fitness
• body weight and blood pressure regulation
• concentration improvement
• sleep quality improvement
• restoring psycho-physical balance and relaxation
• reduction of chronic pain
• improvement in physical appearance
• prevention of disability and improvement in quality of life
• increasing productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out daily tasks
• calmness and security, reflected in the overall environment
• return to a healthier and better quality lifestyle

Body treatmens
• Massages
• Lymphatic drainage (machine and manual)
• Vacusak hypobaric therapy
• Peel-off drainage body mask
• Body aromatherapy
• Body wrapping
• Fango body treatment
• Algae body treatment
• Chocolate treatment
• E-life Slimtone
• Shapemaster Microtone
• Body modelling
• Body contour
• CACI thigh massager
• VIP Lipo Line Duo-IR (infrared light) for volume reduction, cavitation
• INTRADERMA RF (radiofrequency) lifting effect
• CELLULAB cavitation
• Aesthetic thigh ultrasound
• Depilation
• Solarium
• and many more.

Facial treatmens
• Facial and décolletage massage
• Revitalising facial and décolletage massage
• Cosmetic facial treatment
• Facial mask
• Facial peeling
• Peel-off facial masks (phytoaromatic)
• SPA-marine revital face and décolletage
• algae facial treatment
• CACI non-surgical face lifting
• VIP Lipo Line Duo-IR (infrared light) non-surgical face lifting
• INTRADERMA RF (radiofrequency) non-surgical face lifting
• and many more.

Polyclinic Terme
1. prilaz Ive Lole Ribara 8
51266 Selce
Tel.: +(385) 051 76 40 55
Fax: +(385) 051 76 83 10
E-mail: info@terme-selce.hr

Rijeka branch office
S. Krautzeka 66 c
51000 Rijeka
Tel.: +(385) 051 40 04 20
Fax: +(385) 051 40 04 24


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