The Crikvenica Riviera has a mild and stable Mediterranean climate. What more can you wish for?
This area is protected from the strong winds blowing from:

  • the north, thanks to the Kapela mountain range, and from
  • the south, thanks to the island of Krk.

A pleasant and beneficial climate
Thanks to its geographically favourable location, the area benefits from a pleasant and beneficial mixture of sea and continental climatic features, such as:

  • plenty of hours of sunlight
  • a combination of sea and mountain air currents
  • dry, sunny and pleasantly warm summers
  • cloudy, rainy and relatively mild winters with a healthy local wind system.

The air temperature during winter is around 9°C, and during summer around 23°C. Snowfall, fog and temperatures below 5°C are rather rare.
The average sea temperatures during summer are 23°C in June and 27°C in July and August.
The healing properties of Crikvenica’s air
It is well known that sea air is distinguished by its purity and trace minerals. On the Crikvenica Rivera, there are barely any pollen allergens or waste gases in the air.
The air is even more beneficial thanks to its high percentage of ozone, chlorine, sodium and iodine. A salinity of 4% and continuous currents from the southeast to the northwest make the sea clean and clear too.
And last but not least: thanks to the favourable weather conditions, you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities here, such as sailing, hiking, running, or cycling all year long.

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