Sport and recreation

Many modern tourists want to spend their holidays in an active manner. The Crikvenica Riviera and the surrounding area offer plenty of opportunities to do sports in the water, on land and in the air.
The area's wide range of sporting facilities, especially those designed for children and competition, will delight those who love a healthy way of life and who enjoy taking active holidays throughout the year. The area's sporting facilities combined with the beneficial local climate make the Crikvenica Riviera ideal for athletes in training for competition.
Crikvenica has two sports halls, suitable both for recreation and professional athletes. The Crikvenica Riviera abounds in sporting and recreational facilities, offering something for every taste: handball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, indoor football, tennis, table tennis, diving, fishing, swimming and sailing. The area also offers a variety of interesting cycling and hiking trails, as well as footpaths and promenades along the coastline or in the verdant hinterland, which are ideal for all nature lovers.


The Crikvenica Town Sports Hall was opened in 2003. Its dimensions are 44 x 36 m. It includes a large hall (44 x 28 m), which is suitable for indoor sports competitions (handball, indoor football, basketball, volleyball, combat sports, table tennis, etc.) The large hall is equipped with the latest technology for international sporting events (two scoreboards, a PA system, sporting equipment). There are also stands for the audience. Beneath the stands, there are four large locker rooms (for 20 users each), four small locker rooms (for 6 users each), and a locker room for people with disabilities.
Next to the large hall, there is a small hall (12 x 20 m) with a fitness studio equipped to the latest standards, and an area dedicated to aerobics, combat sports (tatami), etc. Next to the small hall, there is another small room (8 x 10 m), which can be used as a children's playroom, for table tennis and combat sports, and a storage for sports equipment (8 x 10 m). Other facilities in the Town Sports Hall include four sports club offices, the hall director's office, and the technical room. Additional facilities include a conference room of 56 m2, suitable for hosting meetings, lectures and conferences for up to 40 participants. The conference room is equipped with all the necessary equipment (conference table, TV, video, projector, screen), and can be used as a press centre.
The Crikvenica Town Sports Hall has its own parking area which can accommodate two buses and about thirty cars. Every year, the national teams of the Croatian Basketball Federation and Croatian Handball Federation train for important sporting events in the Crikvenica Sports Hall. The hall is popular among members of all age groups: from the youngest cadet teams, to the best senior male and female national teams.
On several occasions, Crikvenica has hosted Croatia's best volleyball teams and numerous national teams from other countries, such as the senior basketball teams of Australia, New Zealand, Iran and Russia; the national handball teams of Norway, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia; the national volleyball team of Russia, and many more.
Major Croatian clubs that use the Crikvenica Sports Hall include the Cibona, Zadar, and Zagreb CO basketball clubs, and the Zagreb CO and Viborga handball teams, etc.
The hall has hosted about fifty international matches: the Croatian senior national basketball team has played here against Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, and Bosnia and Herzegovina; the Croatian national handball team has played against Poland and Norway; the national volleyball team has played here against Russia, etc.
Crikvenica Town Sports Hall hosts TELE 2 Croatian Handball Federation events. For six years in a row, it also hosted the largest veteran basketball tournament, the Zagreb Old Stars. In 2010, Crikvenica played host to the U-20 European Basketball Championship.
Crikvenica Town Sports Hall is primarily aimed at meeting the demands of local sports clubs. In addition to professional athletes, the hall is also open to people who pursue sports as a leisure activity, such as several veterans’ football, table tennis, and basketball clubs. In addition, numerous people use the programmes provided in the small hall (fitness and aerobics). The hourly rate for using the large hall in Crikvenica Town Sports Hall is 445.00 kuna (including VAT).

Crikvenica Town Sports Hall
Kotorska 15, Crikvenica
Tel. +385 (0)51/781 496
Fax +385 (0)51/784 562


The Dr. Antun Barac High School hall is located close to the centre of Crikvenica. It includes a sports court of 600 m2, which is suitable for basketball, volleyball, and table tennis training (8 tables with nets), and has all the necessary equipment. Although the size of the court does not match the requirements for handball matches, it is suitable for handball training, and has 2 goals. The hall is available for training from mid-June until the end of August. In front of the hall, there are about 10 parking spaces. The hall hosts the Croatian School of Folklore, because the floor is very elastic, which is excellent for a dance school.
The price is set according to the official rates of Primorje-Gorski kotar County (180.00 kn per hour).

Dr. Antun Barac High School Crikvenica
Zidarska 4, Crikvenica
Tel. +385 (0)51/241 202
Fax +385(0)51/781 044


The town of Crikvenica and its surroundings offer excellent opportunities for cycling enthusiasts, especially those interested in mountain-biking. This is primarily due to the interesting configuration of the land, which includes the lowland part of the Vinodol Valley and the island of Krk, and routes that lead from the sea to an elevation of 1,200 metres, all within 35 kilometres of Crikvenica. This type of terrain offers excellent conditions for cycling enthusiasts and more demanding professionals looking for interesting routes within a range of 150 km.
Because of its diversity, the terrain is interesting both for individuals and groups of cyclists, who can obtain complete logistic support by arrangement with the members of Crikvenica Cycling Club. The area's beautiful vantage points (the "Eyes of Vinodol" project) and a variety of beautiful landscapes, such as the seldom explored areas of the Vinodol Valley, the unspoilt nature of the island of Krk, and the high forests of Gorski kotar, will surely delight cycling enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. If we add to this the mild, pleasant and extraordinarily favourable climate of the Crikvenica area (approximately 2,500 hours of sunshine a year), which provides excellent conditions for cycling for a large part of the year (from March until October), the Crikvenica Riviera is interesting to all those who want to spend their holiday in an active manner and who enjoying riding a bike.
A bike map covering the Crikvenica Riviera, Novi Vinodolski and Vinodol can be obtained at local tourist information centres and includes descriptions of six trails in the area: the Blue Trail; the Green Trail; the Brown Trail; the Carmine Trail – the Lily Route; the Viola Trail; and the Yellow Trail – the Beautiful Views Route.

Crikvenica Cycling Club
Kotorska 15, Crikvenica
Guide:  Alen Tomašev - +385 95 2022 019


A walk along the coast, through a pine forest right by the sea, or through the green hinterland along beautiful fragrant footpaths and hiking trails, is one of the recreational activities worth pursuing here. The area of Crikvenica, Dramalj, Jadranovo, Selce, Novi Vinodolski and Vinodol offers, among other things, seven interesting walking trails: the Waves Trail, the Karst and Sage Trail, the Cliff Trail, the Green Trail, the Heavenly Trail, the Roman Trail, and the Degenia Trail.

Strilež Mountaineering Club
Contact: Marijana Mužević (mobile: +385 237 6266)



The Crikvenica Riviera and its surroundings abound in interesting and attractive dive sites. The area's diving centres offer programmes suitable for professional divers, but also for those who want to take their first diving steps and experience the magic of the beautiful underwater world for the first time. Due to the increased number of people interested in diving, the number of services and facilities is constantly growing.
Local diving clubs organise a variety of underwater activities such as diving schools and excursions, provide useful advice, rent diving equipment, and also provide services or help in the event of accidents. It is important to remember that diving is only allowed with a valid certificate issued by the Croatian Diving Federation.

Dive City started as a diving centre, school of diving and diving equipment store in 2001. Over time, numerous diving enthusiasts have recognised the quality of the centre when planning and organising their diving holiday. Dive City is located close to Crikvenica Town Beach. This fully equipped diving centre specialises in providing diving services, but is also a tourist agency that can help you book accommodation or organise a variety of outdoor programmes and group excursions for all ages. The centre includes a specialised diving equipment store and a currency exchange office.
Dive City offers the following services:

- Diving school
- Diving boat excursions (for divers and non-divers)
- Discover scuba diving
- Snorkelling boat excursions
- Diving and swimming equipment store
- Diving equipment rental
- Filling diving tanks (air and Nitrox)
- Diving equipment service
- Boat rental with crew for daytrips
- Boat trips - Panorama excursions
- Accommodation for divers
- Organisation and sale of package holidays
- Organisation and sale of excursions

Dive City Travel & Tour
T/A – ID code: HR: AB-51-08010101724
Braće Buchoffer 18, Crikvenica
Tel: +385 51 784 175
Fax: +385 51 784 174

The Mihurić Diving Centre was established in 1995 as PADI Centre, and in 2002 was transformed into PADI 5* IDC Gold Palm Resort. The centre is located on the beach beneath the campsite in Selce. The Mihurić Diving Centre includes a reception and service departments, compressor department, storage for diving equipment, an area for storing private items, and a multimedia classroom. The centre is equipped with the most modern compressors and air quality control devices. The centre provides a free NITROX filling service.
The centre also offers diving in the so-called yard, which is rich in sponges, polychaetes, fan worms, seahorses, etc. The coastal waters offer various diving possibilities for both beginners and experienced divers. There are at least two half-day and full-day boat excursions every day. Diving from a boat takes place in the company of one or more diving professionals.
The Mihurić Diving Centre offers diving courses for children and adults based on the PADI programme, and diving instructor courses in Croatian, English, Dutch, German and Italian.
The centre also organises accommodation in private houses, hotels and guesthouses.

Mihurić Diving Centre
Uvala Slana bb, Selce
Tel.  (diving centre): +385 (0)51/765 462
Tel/fax (office): +385 (0)51/241 038


Crikvenica Swimming Club was established in 1932 as a sports association for swimming and water polo. In the summer months, from June to August, the club organises swimming and water polo courses and courses for non-swimmers. Training for swimmers who enter competitions is available throughout the year. The club has an open-air sea pool of 50 x 22 m with seats for 800 spectators, lighting and club premises. In summer, the club offers:

- courses for non-swimmers (children)
- swimming lessons (primarily for children from the area of the Town of Crikvenica)
- water polo lessons (primarily for children from the area of the Town of Crikvenica).

On request, the club can organise water polo and swimming trainings and matches, and also swimming meetings.

Crikvenica Swimming Club
Strossmayerovo šetalište 1a, Crikvenica
Tel. +385 (0)51 241 154
Mob: +385 (0)91 1216 764


The Jeličić Sports Centre is located next to Crikvenica's central beach and offers a wide range of recreational activities: handball, football, beach volleyball and rugby, mini golf, badminton, table tennis, footbag, archery, shooting, sky ball, feder football, streetball, and an Olympic trampoline. The centre is also suitable for basketball, handball and beach football training. In addition, visitors to the centre can rent scooters or bows and arrows, and play the Ludo board game or Bingo with large, half-metre counters.

Jeličić Sports Centre
Strossmayerovo šetalište bb, Crikvenica
Mobile: +385 (0)91 726 00 72; +385 (0)92 306 20 36



The tennis courts are located in the immediate vicinity of the Hotel Kvarner Palace, in the quiet, pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of the hotel park. Tennis lessons for young people and adults, as well as playing partners, are available on request. Both courts have floodlighting and are often used for playing in the evening hours.

Tennis courts - Hotel Kvarner Palace
Braće Buchoffer 12, Crikvenica
Mobile: +385 (0)91 288 07 92; +385 (0)95 8240 124

The Villa Anda tennis court is located next to the villa of the same name, in the verdant oasis of peace and quiet of the quaint coastal town of Jadranovo. This is a grass tennis court, suitable for players in training for competitions or who just enjoy tennis as a recreational activity.

Villa Club Jardin / Villa Anda
Perhati 16, Jadranovo
+385 (0)51 406 400


Selce Water Sports Centre is located right by the sea, only a 5-minute walk from the centre of Selce. The centre offers a wide range of water sports for adults and children: parasailing, tube and banana rides, water-skiing, and boat rental.

Selce Water Sport Centre
Šetalište Ivana Jeličića, Selce
Tel: +385 (0)91 8853 686, +385 (0)98 625 715


The Val Sailing Club is a sporting association whose members are young people aged 7 and over. The club organises regular training and participates in all Adriatic regattas in Optimist and Laser classes. The club also takes part in cruiser regattas (7 ships), and organises a cruiser regatta during Fishermen's Week in Crikvenica.
The Val Sailing Club does not engage in sailing as a recreational activity, but is exclusively oriented towards competitions. In the second half of June, the club organises a two-week sailing school for children aged 7 to 12, which is open to all children who are interested.

Val Sailing Club
Frankopanska 28 a, Crikvenica
Tel: 091 150 37 91
E- mail:


Fishing clubs that are active in the area of the Town of Crikvenica organise various fishing events during the summer season. In Crikvenica, Dramalj and Selce visitors can go fishing with their hosts during the Fishing with Guests event. In addition, the clubs organise international and local fishing competitions. Jadranovo traditionally hosts the Paddles of St. James (Jakovarska vesla) rowing regatta, which is open to local people and visitors.
Visitors can also go fishing on their own, which requires a fishing permit.

Sport Fishing Club Arbun
Frankopanska 26 a, Crikvenica
Tel. +385 (0)51 241 373
Fax +385 (0)51 784 112

Sport Fishing Club Lovrata
Dramaljsko selce 30, Dramalj
Tel. +385 (0)51 786 879

Sport Fishing Club Oslić
Šetalište Ivana Jeličića 9, Selce
Tel. +385(0)91 555 60 83

Sport Fishing Club Tunera
Ivana Gorana Kovačića 1, Jadranovo

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