Jakovlja 2016" - "St. Jacob's 2016" - (Celebration to mark the feast day of St. Jacob, patron saint of Jadranovo)

25. Jul. 2016.
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Every year, people in Jadranovo celebrate the feast day of their patron saint: St. James. The programme of the feast locally known as Jakovlja includes entertainment, cultural, sports and religious events. Musical evenings, theatrical performances, traditional bocce tournaments and selected culinary specialities – these are just some of the highlights of the programme. The central part of the celebration takes place on the feast day of St. James, 25 July, with a traditional procession with a statue of St. James in the morning. The celebration continues in the evening with an entertainment programme in Grabrova Cove with a musical programme, delicious food and midnight fireworks.

21:00h, Grabrova cove

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