A magical link between a rich tradition and busy everyday life

August is the ideal time for one of the oldest swimming marathons in Croatia.

This night dedicated to Dramalj will be filled with fun and a warm atmosphere.

Relaxation by the sea, the intoxicating aroma of mussels and typical songs from the Primorje region in the background – this is how we can describe the event known as Dagnjada in just a few words.

Applications for the oldest swimming marathon on the Adriatic sea, The 107th Swimming Marathon Šilo-Crikvenica have started.

For the last 50 years, 4th August has been a very special day in Selce, as the first swimming baths were opened on this day back in 1894. This event celebrates the tradition of tourism in Selce.

During the summer months, Crikvenica and Selce host an interesting event called Primorska Noć. And what exactly is Primorska Noć?

Every year, people in Jadranovo celebrate the feast day of their patron saint: St. Jacob. The programme of the feast locally known as Jakovlja includes entertainment, cultural, sports and religious events.

The CrikvArt street entertainers festival brings a special atmosphere to Crikvenica, as the town's streets, squares, parks and waterfront become a stage for street performers.

This competition brings together men's, women's and children's teams from the local area and abroad. The cheerful, dynamic atmosphere is always thrilling right up until the end of the competition.